Tools & Resources

The On Thin Ice Project Team will periodically provide documents and resources for public download, with a focus on inclusive emergency planning. Themes will include accessibility, inclusive disaster risk assessment, and suggestions or strategies that consider the needs of people with disabilities in emergency preparation, notification and response.

These tools and resources will be particularly helpful to northern emergency planners, emergency management organizations (EMOs), as well as first responders and others who are responsible for the overall safety of Canada’s northern communities.

This section may also be useful to persons with disabilities who wish to learn about how they can prepare for emergencies, how they can participate in the community planning process, as well as services and resources that may be available to them.

For more information on Disability and Territorial Organizations, please visit our Links page.



Emergency Preparedness Planning for Students (Coming Soon)
(This is a planning guide that can be used by schools, parents and students as part of the development of Individual Education Plans, to ensure the safety of students with disabilities


Planners and Emergency Organizations