Emergency Preparedness

The On Thin Ice project seeks to enhance emergency preparedness for people with disabilities living in Canada’s Arctic at the level of the individual, the community, and the territory.

Individuals: On Thin Ice will improve the capacity of people with disabilities to respond to emergency situations. The project team, in consultation with local disability and emergency management organizations, is developing self-help kit checklists for persons with disabilities, as well as identification forms to be submitted to local first responder agencies. The On Thin Ice project team will be undertaking workshops to train people with disabilities and first responders in the use of both documents.

Community: On Thin Ice will increase community capacity to respond to emergencies by raising awareness about emergency preparedness for people with disabilities. The project will also improve community response to emergencies by strengthening community networks, particularly between emergency management organizations, first responders, and people with disabilities.

Territories: On Thin Ice will enhance emergency preparedness for people with disabilities at the territorial level by working with emergency managers to develop disability inclusive instruments and protocols, by adapting international best practices to Arctic conditions, and by creating culturally and linguistically- appropriate communications tools and technologies for use in preparing for and responding to an emergency. On Thin Ice will also increase emergency preparedness capacity through simulation emergency management exercise workshops that are disability specific.