T’á nuhëts’ı̨ logo t’ahot’ı̨

On Thin Ice logo

The On Thin Ice project logo is designed to reflect several themes that relate to emergency planning and persons with disabilities in Canada’s Arctic. These include risk, the importance of community, the varied cultural and physical landscapes of the North, and the need for integrated approaches in supporting individuals with physical or cognitive impairments.

The circles at the five points of the pentagon use the different clothing styles of Arctic peoples to represent the diverse cultures and communities that inhabit the northern reaches of the continent. Their positioning suggests that they are exposed and perhaps vulnerable, but their connectedness, represented by their linked arms, makes them strong. The outer ring of the pentagon reminds us that individuals and communities must work together to ensure the safety and security of persons with disabilities.

At the centre of the image is a cracked and fractured icy surface. This surface symbolizes vulnerability and potential danger. The surface can also be read as a web connecting individuals and communities that are offering innovative ways to overcome the obstacles faced by persons with disabilities in the North. Taken together, these two readings capture the reality that without the preparation and implementation of effective and inclusive policies and practices, persons with disabilities remain vulnerable in emergency situations.

The On Thin Ice project aims to provide disability inclusive best practices and strategies for emergency planning in Canada’s Arctic, while also creating space for new ideas and insights about ways of overcoming challenges facing persons with disabilities in northern communities.